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Kelly Hyman - 2019 Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers Annual Conference

Kelly Hyman to Co-chair 2019 Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers Annual Conference

Attorney and legal analyst Kelly Hyman proud to announce attendance at this year’s Alliance For Women Trial Lawyers Annual Conference as co-chair and speaker. Marking Kelly Hyman‘s second consecutive year speaking at the highly prestigious event, Kelly Hyman is again set to attend this year’s upcoming Alliance For Women Trial Lawyers Annual Conference as a speaker and co-chair. […]

Kelly Hyman - Abstract Thinking in Law

Kelly Hyman Explores Abstract Thinking in Law

T.V. legal analyst and attorney Kelly Hyman offers adept insight into abstract thinking in law.   Many false perceptions, says Kelly Hyman, exist surrounding lawyers, from the profession, being ‘boring’ and ‘rigid,’ to the belief that legal professionals exist solely within specific personality types, often met with disdain. Here, the attorney and legal analyst set […]

Kelly Hyman - Abortion Ban Now Headed to Supreme Court

Kelly Hyman Remarks on Abortion Ban Now Headed to Supreme Court

Attorney Kelly Hyman considers the emotionally charged issue of Alabama’s new abortion law. Recently named among the top 25 class action trial lawyers in Colorado by The National Trial Lawyers, a professional organization of leading U.S. trial attorneys, native Floridian attorney and legal analyst Kelly Hyman comments on Alabama’s new abortion law, now likely headed to the […]

Kelly Hyman

Kelly Hyman Opens Up about Advocacy Work and Beliefs

Attorney Kelly Hyman speaks openly about her career, advocacy work, and personal beliefs. A native Floridian now settled in Denver, Colorado, Kelly Hyman is an Australian-American actor turned attorney and television legal analyst. A keen champion for social justice, women’s rights, the power of mindfulness, and the Democratic Party, here, Hyman reveals more about her advocacy work […]

Kelly Hyman - Brief History of the Democratic Party

Kelly Hyman Offers a Brief History of the Democratic Party

Democratic Party supporter and legal professional Kelly Hyman shares a brief history of the U.S. political organization.   One of the two major contemporary U.S. political parties, the Democratic Party was founded around 1828, today making it the world’s oldest active political party. A staunch advocate for social justice, voting rights, and the Democratic Party, […]

Kelly Hyman reveals importance of mindfulness

  Attorney Kelly Hyman shares personal insight into the importance of mindfulness. Defined as the state of being conscious or aware of circumstances and surroundings, mindfulness involves achieving a mental state wherein which an individual’s awareness is centered around the present moment, allowing them to more clearly accept their feelings, thoughts, and other sensations. Today […]

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UCLA and University of Florida College of Law graduate and attorney Kelly Hyman offers a professional insight into mass tort litigation. A civil action involving numerous plaintiffs against one or more defendants in either state or federal court, mass tort litigation lawsuits usually arise when a defendant or defendants cause harm to multiple plaintiffs via […]